Advice | How to Survive Freshers’ Flu

Alright, so right now, you feel as if your world has come to the end and that you are suffering from the world’s most evilest illness. You can’t breathe through your nose, your head feels as if it’s about to explode and, for some reason, a sumo wrestler has decided to lie across you and now you can’t get your body to move an inch.


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Beauty | Friday Freebies (November 2014)

It’s a brand new month which means that all of your magazines are bringing out their November issues. Last month seemed to have a quite few freebies and it looks like October isn’t going to be much different! There are so many issues that I would love to buy, but I have to force myself to pick the one with the product I would really like to try and with the headlines I’d like to read so I don’t feel guilty for paying a little.


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